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The Siam Kountarate Trading Limited Partnership

Business Design, distribution, consultancy, management, storage, transportation, warehousing, small to large warehouses as well as warehouse storage. Products to suit the product. Product dimensions.

                The layout and layout of the product. Versatility in import-led warehousing focuses on storage. Warehouse management is efficient and effective in rapidly transferring, shipping and delivering goods.

The system will store the system as follows.

1. Drive-In Rack System (a single rack that can hold a weight of 1000-10000 kg)
2. Selective Racking System (rack of many kinds of work load from 1000 to 10000 kg)
3. Slid Racking System (molded molds with a load capacity of 1000 - 10000 kg)
4. Fifo Roller Racking System (The weight can range from 1000 to 2000 kg)
5. Cantilever Racking System (The weight from 1000 to 2000 kg)
6. Mezzanine Floor (large mezzanine floor)
7. Medium Racking System (Medium Racking Shelf, 350-1000 kg)
8. Micro Rack (Small Shelf Weight 50-250 kg)
9. Mobile Cabinet Space Shelving (archive file system or file cabinet and medical records)
10. Part Bin Cabinets (spare parts such as electronic parts)
11. Shelf Supermarket (Show Floor in Minimart and Supermarket)
12. Stacking Pallet
13. Wire Mesh Containers Pallet
14. Trolleys Product Stainless and Product Steel
15. Spiral Conveyor Product

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